Hanami in Northern Maine Junction

On my walk into work every morning, I pass a tree that reminds me that spring is here. Even if it snowed a couple of weekends ago. This particular tree has been in full blossom, its branches heavy with sakura. I sometimes stand under the blossoms and have a little hanami.

In full blossom

Today, with my headphones on, listening to Northern Maine Junction by Chessie, I pause and have a moment where I feel unadulterated bliss. And I stand still allowing the cherry blossoms to slowly fall off the branches…with a certain grace that only comes with the beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Hanami in Northern Maine Junction

  1. You can take all your talking toilet seats and underwear vending machines and all of that, and go somewhere else, taking those things with you as you go. Goodbye.

    Here’s the real proof that Japanese civilisation has advanced vastly beyond ours, and it probably happened hundreds of years ago. Not only do they have a custom of taking the time to contemplate the beauty of flowers, they also have a word for it? That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Although admittedly it’s been a bit of a slow day. All the same, is nice.

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