Remix Romance

Here’s a sweet little Scandinavian treat. Fans of Swedish pop chanteuse, Sally Shapiro will be glad to hear that Remix Romance was released a few weeks ago. Disco Romance was released last year and although not particularly known, this 80s-influenced album made it to the best top albums lists including ones on Boomkat and Pitchfork. Very nice, especially in today’s world where packaging is almost everything. As you can see, the album cover is not sleek at all. So much so that Vice announced that it is the worst album cover they’ve ever seen. As dire as the album cover seems, the album is perfect for synth-pop enthusiasts.

I have had this album on my ipod for over a year and refuse to give it up. Just when I was thinking that really, I should move on, my love affair with this is given a breath of fresh air! Remix Romance has been handpicked by Johan Agebjörn, and has some gems from the likes of Junior Boys, Lindstrøm and Juan Maclean. I bought Jackie Junior from Phonica and it’s lush but the one that I have been listening to over and over again is The Cansecos remix of Hold Me So Tight. It is pure joy.

So there you go. If you thought you had listened to Disco Romance one too many times, go out and get Remix Romance.


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