Redouble Check Confirm

I say man. We got to redouble check confirm if this has been preponed or not. After, you have to gostan if not korek. You think abourrit and tell me after you think youlah. Thanks you.


abourrit – about it

gostan – to go astern

I say man – an expression of surprise

korek – correct

preponed – to bring forward, the opposite of postpone

redouble check confirm – confirm

thanks you – thank you

you think you – think for yourself

If you want to arm yourself with some Manglish you should learn these words.


4 thoughts on “Redouble Check Confirm

  1. What are you doing purchasing pirated DVDs anyway? Don’t you know there are torrent sites out there to stop you doing that? 🙂

  2. Since writing this post, I saw in the papers in the classified ads section the following:
    Time is not wait for you, Ms Tan 40 educated pretty look like 25 seek Chinese g’man.

    Loving it!

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