Along These Lines of Simplicity Lie A Certain Joy

I spotted these on a little carry-case by Kongpat that was on display at the hairdresser’s and fell in love with every little one of them. This little one above, I christianed Ggrrr Cloud Monster and is now the wallpaper on my phone.

Earlier today, I thought about people’s fear of appearing simple because childishness is not your standard aspiration. Perhaps it is for this reason we over-embellish and over-complicate things. To appear more adult-like. Is this a symptom of modern life? And if it is, are we are over-accessorising ?

Sometimes I just wish for a dose of simplicity. Luckily, I find this when I read a children’s book, see some little drawings like these and listen to Childish Music.

Along these lines of simplicity, these tinkling notes lie a certain joy. I’d like to think that childhood is not time-specific and that you can return to having the ability to be happy through the simplest things. Like the time when we were at All Tomorrow’s Parties and stole into the jungle gym in Butlins and played on the slides like we were kids again.

Evil cat-like monster


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