Soothing Words

The death of the motherboard has meant that there is a big gap in my life at the moment. I am so attached to the computer and the Internet that now being without one at home is a struggle.

Being the optimist, I am trying to look at the bright side of things. I am thankful that this is happening in summer when London’s full of life and the city is bursting with festivals and things to do. The weather’s been playing along, behaving itself and even giving us some very nice, clear blue skies and sunshine that warms your skin.

But sometimes, there are evenings after work, when all you want is a quiet evening at home. An evening filled with your domestic comforts like having Claudine Levy‘s voice fill the kitchen while you prepare yourself a colourful salad. You eat this in the back garden and read a book. The book is The Beautiful and Damned and it is such a joy to read that you don’t feel like you’re missing your computer that much, or feeling guilty that you’ve decided to stay in on a nice summer’s day.

That’s what a good book can do. You can disappear into the words into a different world. Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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