She Likes To Feel Leaves and Tap Bins

I was walking closely behind this woman this morning. I didn’t mean to but such were the pace we were walking that it appeared like I was shadowing her. So I observed her and made some mental notes.

She had long greying hair that suggested she was perhaps in her 50s. She wore a white linen skirt printed with red roses. She walked, slightly hunched, looking down. There was something about her that made me notice her.

I saw her right hand reach out, fingers spread out. They were reaching for the plants from the garden of that house. She touched the leaves as she walked past. I knew and I recognised it. She was a tactile person.

She wore a pair of wayfarers. She walked past some bins. Being tactile, she tapped ’em. Strangely, it was in time to my music.

Satisfied, I crossed the road.


2 thoughts on “She Likes To Feel Leaves and Tap Bins

  1. When I worked in an Italian restaurant, we had large tropical plants in the reception area.
    Toddlers would always roam up, then touch each leaf in turn. Feeling all the veins and textures with their little fingers.
    Each touch was, I imagine, a first experience. They wanted to touch simply because they didn’t know what each leaf would feel like.
    Isn’t it a shame that once we’ve touched, we often feel like we know – then don’t think to ever explore with our hands again?

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