Familiar Comforts

I admit to being thrilled by new things, but sometimes the most comforting things are the most familiar. This morning I woke up thinking of how much I needed to listen to The Last Song by The Smashing Pumpkins.

They were probably the last band I sang along to. Much of the music I listen to today is electronic and have no lyrics. So apart from a few rare songs that I’ve actually learnt the lyrics to sing along to, singing to music is something I associate with being a teenager.

I took the box set from the shelf and took out the Thirty-Three single and sang while I got dressed for work. It reminded me of being a teenager and how carefree life was in retrospect. There are some very sad songs in this box set and I was reminded of the teenage angst and depression I used to write and talk about. How trivial it all seems now!

I also remembered saving all my allowance to buy this beautifully-designed set and how precious it had been. And now, although I brought it with me when I moved to the UK, it just sits on this shelf, along with my other CDs that hardly get played. And I felt both comforted and saddened by this lost youth.


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