I spy with my eye and feel with my heart

When you walk with a certain type of music in your ears, you can feel your life slowing down. It is the track that is playing and you, walking or sitting and catching sight of the little things around you. When I have Cat Power on, I always think that it is the perfect cushioning to the daily (mundane) activities like walking to work, catching the bus or buying groceries.  You can be doing these things and feel completely detached from the situation because it is just you, your thoughts and the soundtrack to everything.

In these moments you spot little things. Like that robin that was perched on the wall facing you for a second and a half before spreading its wings and flying away. Or the space invader graffiti that is on the pavement, half hidden by some overgrown weeds. Or the movement you catch in the corner of your eye and when you turn it’s the old man you see every day walking. He wears a hat and a smile in his eyes. He says “Good morning” to you but you have never known what his voice sounds like because you have your headphones on and can only hear the music.


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