Marmite’s Magic

Earthy and yeasty, Marmite’s magic is in its smell and taste. Worked together with another earty ingredient like mushrooms, you are presented with some kind of wonderful wholesome deliciousness.

A special breakfast is nice seeded brown bread, toasted and topped with sliced mushrooms panfried in sticky marmite. Topped with a shaving of parmesan, this is sublime.



Being a young adult and yet nowhere near being settled, I am finding it difficult to escape the many conversations about property, weddings and babies. I am definitely more well-versed in the subjects of music, film and art.

It gives me hope that there are products out there for the adult who is not ready to grow up. The adult who has similar sentiments as I do.

The makers of this wallpaper know that there are people out there like me. People who have Fun high on their priorities. This wallpaper is left uncoloured in so the kid in you can do the colouring in! Interactive walls? Why ever not?