Fashionable in the Badlands

I recently went to see the fantastic film Badlands at the BFI and walked out feeling so satisfied. I can’t remember the last film I watched in the cinema that was really good. Everything was great about Badlands. It starred a very young (Virgin Suicides-like ethereal beauty) Sissy Spacek and a dashing Martin Sheen. The first time the two meet has a great an impact as when Romeo and Juliet meet. Holly is twirling a baton outside her house and is sunbleached. It looks timeless.

Essentially a road movie, the cinematography in this is beautiful and the little dialogue in it funny.

I walked out feeling inspired by the 1970s prairie, ruffle shirts. Holly is on the run, but her wardrobe has inspired me for the autumn months. Longer-sleeved ruffled blouses. Victorian blouses. Paired with jeans, this is going to be my new look.

So obsessed that I’ve been scouring vintage sites looking for these blouses. I am also pining for this ruffled, tartan Naf Naf blouse my mum bought me when I was about 13. I’m hoping it’s sitting somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe back home because it would be perfect.


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