Nature’s Confetti For The Pink Sky

Autumn has captured my attention big time this year. It started early in October, in Paris at the Tuileries the trees that line the park looked like fireworks with leaves glowing yellow and golden.  The weekend after, in Edinburgh I walked all over the city, captured by the strong colours of falling and fallen leaves. I stopped under many trees, and looked through the leaves hoping to catch the sunbeams. It reminded me of the Size + Matter pavillion in South Bank that was part of the London Design Festival.

Back in London, I was happy to see the leaves carpet the tar roads like nature has been celebrating the golden autumnal sun. Shades of red, orange and yellow fall off the trees and are crisp under each step like nature had been showering us with confetti. In America Fall is so spectacular that people go leaf peeping.

The sunset during this season is breathtaking. I was on the bus on Thursday and it stopped on Chelsea Bridge for a good few minutes, in time for me to witness a sunset that left streaks of pink in the sky. I didn’t think I would be so lucky to see another beautiful sunset again so soon. But tonight on the rooftop of Tower House, we saw one. It provided quite the backdrop for an amazing view of the Gherkin and created a skyline that made London almost magical.

I thought of Nathan Fake’s The Sky Was Pink and kissed the boy.


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