Happy Station(ery)

Happy Station is a Fun Fun track but this post is about stationery. One of the highlights of having a permanent job is having access to all the stationery in the stationery cupboard.

I remember as a kid, my mum buying me the cutest stationery for school. She bought my sister and I Japanese pencil cases which I used to fill with the coolest mechanical pencils. I used to think mechanical pencils were the most grown-up thing to own and use.

Well, that was only true until I started using pens. I quickly disposed of mechanical pencils and found love in my favourite type of pen. The Pilot Extra Fine Hi-Tec V5. I have since bonded with fellow V5 fans over the beautiful script produced by using this pen. It pleases me that there are bigger fans of pens out there!

I recently discovered this website and I love their paper goods. There is a really tastesful selection of old and new stationery and I am itching to get my hands on some. Orla Kiely, who I work for has also started producing stationery. Her designs are perfect on paper.

Serizawa Calendar
Serizawa Calendar

Keisuke Serizawa was a textile designer who made stencil-dyed calendars that were particularly popular with officers’ wives in US Forces. The calendars are still being produced and available to buy, but with his old designs following his death.

With Christmas just around the corner, I am feeling very inspired by things that I have seen and am thinking of card designs. At present, I am feeling very fond of plain brown paper and am thinking of using it as a blank canvas for ideas.


One thought on “Happy Station(ery)

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