The moustache has been a big source of amusement and entertainment for me. It all started with Dali and his moustache. From the day when Tyler and I went around the supermarket  with fake moustaches looking for treacle to make gingerbreadmen to the night at The Egg where I danced quite seriously with a moustache above my lip.


And so the obsession continued, one work Christmas do we were given fake moustaches to wear over lunch, much to everyone’s delight.  Although I would have been equally happy with the moustache pencils.


One of Guy‘s first presents to me was a serious fat man’s tache which I hang by my door like it’s for sale. And then came the Moustache Envy badges Sarah bought for me. This year for my birthday, my lovely friends found a moustache ring for me from Tatty Devine.  It’s a beautiful ring and great for instant fancydress occasions.


I am delighted to see the number of moustache products out there. Clearly, moustaches make people happy. Here’s a blog with many a hairy post and if you wanted to go out dancing in London, there’s the Moustache Bar in Dalston or in Paris, here’s a club for moustachioed boys and girls.



7 thoughts on “Tache-tastic

  1. Where did you get all of these gloriously moustachioed items. I must get my hands on them if it is at all possible. Kudos to you for your appreciation of the moustache.

  2. My oh MY!!! you missed out this weekend, I was at the handlebar club AGM which was up here in edinburgh, it’s a club for moustache wearers,and followers of the moustache and you MISSED it! i am a member, it’s well worth checking out and signing up to the forum, they will welcome you!

    If you;re ever in the egg again we must bump into each other for moustachioed adventure!

    have fun,

    Rev. Simon Whitby Brown – http://www.handlebarclub.co.uk

    facebook etc

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