Let’s Get This Party Started


Work on Friday ended on a perfect (synth) note because we found Tommy Toemie.

The joy of working just off Clapham High Street lies in walking past the junk shop run by the sun-worshipping alcoholics.  This involves their regular as clockwork greetings of “Awright dahlin” and my feeling envy of the carefree lives the junk shop proprietor and his mates have, which normally involves sitting around on the pavement with cans of beer listening to music.


On Friday I saw that amongst the usual pile of marathon vests and second hand shoes was a white robot standing at about the size of a child. It was love at first sight. Not knowing who or what he did, I eyed up the 80s stickers on the little fella and saw that he was a Scooter 2000 (because the year 2000 is so futuristic) and it was enough for me to want him. And that is how I ended up with Tommy Toemie in my possession.

On the web I see that he is an old robot and is radio controlled. Mine came with some batteries that did not work and no radio control. But really, I don’t expect him to do much except to sit there and smile. I’d play him some Kraftwerk and let’s get this party started.


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