Quiver, quiver my heart!


The most delicious find of the week is Bompas & Parr and their beautiful creations!

I remember a time when every party you went to featured jelly or agar agar (mmm, I miss the taste of coconut and pandan flavoured agar agar).  Tinned fruit cocktail was very popular in early 80s Malaysia. And they were normally set in jelly so it looked like you had bits of cherry floating in this quivering delight. No kitchen was complete without the colourful plastic jelly moulds.  I like the look of these vintage jelly mould pendant lights and think it’s a really lovely way of recycling objects.


I am very excited about discovering Bompas & Parr. Just look at these magical creations! You can order customised jelly moulds to create just about any shape in any colour.

stpauls2_jellyAll this crazy jelly business made me wonder what else was out there? Who else was into crazy creations? What other fun is there for jelly-lovers?  I stumbled upon this. I wished I had been about to see this wonderful installation by Nigel Peterson and Deborah Walsh in Suter Gallery in New Zealand.

jelly_blonde_mar_07And if you ever wondered what is the sound of jelly wobbling have a listen to the result of the experiment held by UCL.


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