Air in Choco

This Easter, instead of eating chocolate eggs, I bought Air in Choco in Arigato on Brewer Street. This fish-shaped chocolate wafer confectionery got me really excited! There is something very thrilling about food in the shape of other food or animals. It is the playfulness and the obvious trick that make me love food in disguise.


When I opened this later, I was so happy to find that not only is Air in Choco food in disguise, the fish is of a take-me- seriously size. I bought this thinking there might be some tiny fish in the packet. What I found was one solo fish sitting on a paper tray, looking like it was tired of waiting around for something to happen.


And immediately I understood why such a fish would look impatient waiting around in a packet. Ladies and gentlemen, remember, this is no ordinary fish, no ordinary chocolate wafer.  It is Air in Choco for a reason…have a look inside.


There it is. As promised, all that air in choco.


4 thoughts on “Air in Choco

    1. It’s a wafer that apparently looks like a taiyaki but has chocolate or strawberry filling instead of red bean, which then makes it a yogashi! It’s not just a wafer disguised as a fish, it’s also a yogashi disguised as a taiyaki!

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