Fold Here


Origami is mathematical magic. With a few precise and determined folds, paper can be turned into boxes, animals, flowers and anything else you can think of.  One of the appeals of origami is of course the pretty paper that look like they could be swatches for beautiful kimono fabric. But for today I would like to throw some shapes your way.

I’ve dabbled and mostly failed in origami. The only thing I managed to learn was how to fold a crane. It still didn’t stop me from thinking about where we can go with origami. Fashion designers have used origami pleats and folds to create interesting lines and give detail to their creations.


I’ve picked out ones I like best, including a Roland Mouret top that is on sale on net-a-porter and a John Galliano gown with origami cranes. On the other end of the spectrum, Gareth Pugh’s AW08/09 collection goes beyond origami cranes to create his designs that have been nicknamed scarigami.


And if you rather have some origami jewellery, Parisians Claire Naa and Arnaud Saulignac have designed some amazing pieces. My favourite is perhaps the gold rhinoceros pendant below.



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