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Touch Wood August 13, 2009

3628083114_2b11e4cba3A trip to Edinburgh is never complete without a cheeky stop in The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street.  On my first evening back in London I found myself trawling the interweb and found myself on their blog. I saw many lovely items and spotting the wooden ipod by Josh D led me thinking about other wooden wonders.

I love the use of wood in modern products. As a material that is losing its place to plastic, what I found was that there were many out there who yearned for the aesthetics of wood. I love plastic for its transparence and colours that pop; but wood is like the quiet, natural beauty. Like a girl who does not wear much make-up and doesn’t need to.

On the electronic/gadget front, I found the Ki-Board DIY kit by Hacoa a wood products dealer.



While the ipod and the keyboard are digital products, Lightning Heat has turned her analogue christmas decoration into a cool brooch.

SniffleCo Cassette Brooch

Sniffle Co. is awooden haven with the cutest wooden brooches and buttons. My favourite is the woody Woody Allen.



3 Responses to “Touch Wood”

  1. Kim Says:

    Love the iPod!

  2. Okizoo Says:

    Definitely Japanese. Reminds me an abacus.

  3. Taylor Says:

    love the keyboard it’s really cool

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