Digital Design Sensations

The V&A is having an exhibition on digital design. This mostly interactive exhibition explores how digital technologies have added new depths to the works of artists and designers. At an exhibition like this, the lines are blurred between the artist, creator and participant. This exhibition was fantastic for engaging its audience by participation and interaction. The tree above is part of the exhibition and is by experimental videomaker and media artist Simon Heijdens. Here he explores the relationship between nature and technology. The movements in the tree are directly linked to how windy it is outside the museum.

On a less subtle note, we saw children going wild, recording themselves being silly on a video camera for Ross Phillips‘ Videogrid. The result was a collage of mini videos of people who collectively let go of their inhibitions and acted silly for the camera for art’s sake.

The interactive section was the strongest in the exhibition. In this section, we got to move sand around to create new worlds of existence in Oasis by Everyware.

But it was with Body Paint that we let loose and brought out the Jackson Pollock in us through crazy dance moves. The result was vibrant colours that reminded me of being in the Architects of Air tents.

It felt appropriate that I was running around this exhibition on digital design with one of my favourite applications -the QuadCamera. Like an action camera, it allows you to take photographs in quick succession.

Time Out is having a 2-4-1 special for this exhibition. The voucher is available here. The exhibition is on until 11 April 2010 and I highly recommend it.


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