Paper eyelashes a-flutter

Two things first.

1. I love paper cut outs and paper art.

2. I love dressing up.

Paper lashes bring together point number 1 and 2. Wow. What a find.

Paperself collaborates with designers to produce paper and cardboard furniture and other products. Together with Ting Yu Wan, they are offering these out-of-the-world paper eyelashes. Choose from peach blossoms to peonies to horses.

These are available to buy from Luna & Curious and is exactly what anyone needs for a night out and way cheaper than buying a new frock. And if you felt like a little snooze while you were out, at least with these eyelashes you have an excuse to.


All that’s light is beautiful

I’ve just been to see Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man. And what a beautiful film it was. The sets were lush, the cinematography carefully composed and every scene a delight to the eye.

What I loved most was the use of light and saturation in the film. It reminded me of Sofia Coppola’s films, especially The Virgin Suicides which was all sunbleached and hazy. I’d quite like to watch this again

Orla Kiely‘s SS10 campaign is out and photographed by Catherine Servel who is known for her use of light and tone. I especially like the golden hues and the play with light and shadow in her photos.

I am feeling like the time is right for getting lost in films and books. I went to watch She, A Chinese this week and was introduced to Xiaolu Guo. I have since picked up one of her books and found that seeing as winter is feeling so permanent, I am going to lose myself in her words and world.

With the help of these films, images and words I am going to ride out the cold and emerge when the days are longer and the sun’s warmth can be felt again.