One Milimeter/Miligram of Seoul

After what felt like months of traveling, I feel settled in London again. And what a wondeful time to be in London, with the sun out to play most days. I was very lucky to have been in Seoul for work recently. What is especially lucky about this is that Seoul is a city that doesn’t sleep. Good for after work exploring, bad for getting enough sleep.

Nonetheless in about ten days, these are my favourite things about this World Design Capital 2010 are (in no particular order):

I’d heard a lot of people say that Seoul is like what Tokyo used to be like. Having only been in Tokyo for a few hours, I know not if this is truth. I do know that I enjoyed the city. I found it challenging not being able to read the script and not being able to speak the language but I got around fairly easily and found that once Koreans knew you were lost and understood where you were supposed to be, they would take the trouble to take you to the right place. Even women in high heel shoes.

The strangest experience and definitely one to be had is to go to a traditional Korean spa and get a full body scrub by an ajumma. Trust me you will find it the most surreal experience ever.

My favourite hang out place was easily the AA Design Cafe. Part museum, part furniture shop and part cafe. Unfortunately for me, the museum was shut when I was there. I still managed to get a peek and checked out some of the chairs on display. Check out the photos from If It’s Hip, It’s Here. Look! Even the cappucino is a friendly crafty creature!

Coolest place to shop was A Land found in various parts of the city. It stocks A.P.C., vintage clothes, Korean designers and is a treasure trove of crazy accessories and more importantly the place that I first noticed Milimeter/Miligram, a wonderful design company. This is where I picked up my “watch” in all three colours (black, electric blue and pink). It tells the time the way I want it to: “It is not too late”. I went wild for all the products. The general vibe is not unlike Magma in the UK. Milimeter/Miligram is wonderful because it is humorous. I mean just look at these spacemen cards. Check their expressions out!

I can see why Seoul is Design Capital. Everywhere you go, it’s a feast for those who love all aspects of design. This is a bit of a lazy post. I really just wanted to share the wonderful world of Milimeter/Miligram with the world.


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