Mapped Out

I moved about 6 weeks ago and one of the first things I bought for the new flat was this Future Mapping Company shower curtain designed for Habitat.

The Future Mapping Company produce some spectacular wall maps but my favourite is the Future Map Wallpaper. I started thinking about other products for the cartophilia’s home.

For entertaining, Seletti has a robust offering of products in their World Map series. I love the placemats best.  It is sold in packs of 50 with a selection of city maps from London, New York, Tokyo and Paris.

Seletii also has ceramic world map dinnerware for sale. The placemats remind me of these lovely wrapping paper sold in Magma which is probably the next best thing to wrap presents in after plain brown paper. I was in New York recently and the conversation at dinner turn towards maps. Liam mentioned a map on race and ethnicity in New York City he’d seen.


via Eric Fischer's flickr set


This led me to Frank Jacobs’ Strange Maps.  I like the Gridding of London and the Nightclub Map of Harlem produced at the end of the Prohibition charting funtimes. Frank Jacobs has since been published and his book Strange Maps can be bought here