A Pretty Way with Doilies


Mhari McMullan makes beautiful things. She does this best with doilies. I particularly like the idea of making a lot of different doily art and displaying them on the wall like you would with china. Look at the doily art individually- each one is so different.




She also creates some really delicate pieces using doilies, including a postcard for Lula.


Check her website for more beautiful works.


Fold Here


Origami is mathematical magic. With a few precise and determined folds, paper can be turned into boxes, animals, flowers and anything else you can think of.  One of the appeals of origami is of course the pretty paper that look like they could be swatches for beautiful kimono fabric. But for today I would like to throw some shapes your way.

I’ve dabbled and mostly failed in origami. The only thing I managed to learn was how to fold a crane. It still didn’t stop me from thinking about where we can go with origami. Fashion designers have used origami pleats and folds to create interesting lines and give detail to their creations.


I’ve picked out ones I like best, including a Roland Mouret top that is on sale on net-a-porter and a John Galliano gown with origami cranes. On the other end of the spectrum, Gareth Pugh’s AW08/09 collection goes beyond origami cranes to create his designs that have been nicknamed scarigami.


And if you rather have some origami jewellery, Parisians Claire Naa and Arnaud Saulignac have designed some amazing pieces. My favourite is perhaps the gold rhinoceros pendant below.


Playing with Clay: Biscuits and Doily Brooches

I love the delicate fall of spring’s blossoms and how it turns the ground a pretty pink. It made me think of these amazing ceramic biscuits I have become obsessed with of late. They are made by Robert Archard and resemble the real tasty treats. Check out the jam sandwich and pink wafers. Look at how delicious they sit together on a plate!


Traditionally, biscuits have always been served on doilies. People either love or hate doilies. Having been brought up understanding the virtues of lace (thanks to mum), I’ve always loved doilies.  Doilies dress up plates and work like a garnish in making food look 100% tastier.


I had a look around and found some pretty jewellery handmade by Vanilla Bug. Her Milk and Sugar collection is a nice nod to the daily comfort in having a cup of tea. In this collection: milk carton, spoon, tea bag and a doily (choose from four different designs).


Sometimes it’s the thought of something that’s powerful enough. I am sure that the thought of tea and biscuits is soothing enough if I had these pieces with me.

Sew Loopy

If you thought that knitting had reached its peak with stitch-n-bitch groups, the knots are getting bigger in the form of guerilla knitting for the outdoors and phat threads for your interiors. I don’t really know how to knit and have tried to bring out my crafty side by picking up some free leftover yarn from work and finding some giraffe-stamped needles from the local charity shop. I have had friends try to teach me but I abandoned the project sometime last year when I got distracted by something else. But perhaps knitting graffiti can help me pick up those needles and cast some loops.


Graffiti has evolved quite a bit from its spraycan origins. Laser tagging and cuprocking are ones that spring to mind. Some might argue that guerilla knitting isn’t a true graffiti art (would you call it craffiti instead?), but you can’t really complain when it splashes colour onto our otherwise mundane (grey) concrete slabs. The other forms of graffiti can’t quite create that surreal feeling of seeing a knitted flower sprout out from the lawn.