Ai Ai!


I love, love Rachel Ortas‘ cute little illustrations of her outer space characters Ai Ai. (Funnily enough, in Mandarin Ai means love). The wonderful Clapham Books has a really nice window display of Okido magazine and Ai Ai monsters at the moment.

The Ai Ai remind me a little of Yoshitomo Nara‘s work where the characters are seemingly cute and innocent but have a darker side to them. The key elements to making successful characters for children and adult.

This is confirmed by previous exhibitions that were held in my favourite stores like Tatty Devine and Magma.


Dressing Up Like A Present


Krisatomic is quickly becoming one of my favourite illustrators. This is a new one I’ve saved which reminded me of my birthday outfit which had giant sheer ruffles layering continuously from collar to sleeves.  I wore my Feraud (Charles Anastase-like ) pierrot-inspired organza blouse under a simple  Maria Westerlind dress and finished the outfit with a tartan rossette hairband. I dressed up a little like a present and it felt right for the occasion.