We struck delicious with this coconutreat

Coconut pancake

The best thing about traveling in a country where you don’t speak the language is the element of surprise when buying from street vendors. We’d walked past this lady carrying bags filled with discs and square-shaped wafer/crisp things. On a whim and feeling like we should take a gamble upon spotting a coconut over a tupperware, we signed for an order of this mysterious dish.

The lady spoke no English at all and of the four Vietnamese words I learnt while in Saigon (all words for food), coconut was one of them. We asked for “dua” thinking that perhaps some of these wafer-like discs could be coconut-flavoured, but we weren’t getting anywhere. We decided to just choose a disc- one with black sesame seeds and what proceeded to happen was a guarantee that this was going be a very delicious treat.

It was so beautiful and simple. First the wafer was covered with molasses. Next, she sprinkled freshly grated coconut, and quite a lot of it. Finally she snapped the wafer in half and covered the coconut. She handed us over this wafer sandwich and that first bite was off the hook!

Nothing like the joy of striking delicious with a food gamble in a foreign country.


Redouble Check Confirm

I say man. We got to redouble check confirm if this has been preponed or not. After, you have to gostan if not korek. You think abourrit and tell me after you think youlah. Thanks you.


abourrit – about it

gostan – to go astern

I say man – an expression of surprise

korek – correct

preponed – to bring forward, the opposite of postpone

redouble check confirm – confirm

thanks you – thank you

you think you – think for yourself

If you want to arm yourself with some Manglish you should learn these words.