Horse Meat Disco


I can’t get enough of disco. This morning I walked into work listening to Danny Wang’s Bodytonic Live and thought that it was time to see who were the latest to mix or feature in Bodytonic‘s Live or Mix.

Horse Meat Disco‘s mix is full of sweet tunes and even features Share The Night which was one of the best tracks on Metro Area’s Fabric 43. Get it here and get ready for le weekend.


Poupee Flash and other paper delights


I’ve long wanted to write on paper cutout and was prompted today to get the fingers dancing on the keyboard when I saw a beautiful (and simple) project by Lupin. I like the idea of revisiting children’s crafts and making it work in an adult setting.

artstyles_anshui1Paper cutout is a rather international folk art. It is also one that I am familiar with. And probably one everyone has come across, even in the form of the good old doily (oh how I love them).

Chinese paper cutouts with auspicious designs are used to adorn doors and walls, especially during Chinese New Year and weddings. While Chinese paper cutout designs tend to focus on symmetry and symbols, Japanese paper cutout designs tend to be of nature.  I randomly found a blog post about some very pretty paper cutout books that are available to buy from Amazon Japan.

In Mexico, the art of papercutting is made using chisels on brightly coloured tissue paper.  Papel picado is used, and looks like a more elaborate form of bunting for festivities with certain colours for certain festivities. I was very happy to stumble upon Casa Mexico one day on the way to Broadway Market.  I was very inspired to have a party with lots of papel picado decorations and a giant pinata filled with goodies!

3132209288_6001790602Rob Ryan is the darling of the fashion industry (he has had many commissions from Vogue and recently designed a limited edition collection with Tatty Devine). This reputable paper cutout artist makes the sweetest most delicate paper cutout designs. Visit his shop on Columbia Road where you can buy his work.

I am feeling very inspired to make. That might as well be my New Year’s resolution, and luckily for me one of my Christmas presents was Making Stuff- An Alternative Craft Book

And to listen to while working away on projects, I think Premiere Classe’s Poupee Flash (heard on Metro Area Fabric mix 43) is perfect.

More than A to B

It is easy to forget that there is more to the journey than getting you from A to B. I love my little journeys within London. In this heaving city, I find that many of my favourite moments are when I find some time to myself and I’m on my way. The walks to work, and home and the bus rides when you’re not in haste.

With the exception of hot and stuffy tube rides, I find London a really nice city to catch a bus in and an even nicer city to walk in.

I like the days when I have French classes. I get the walk and the bus ride.

I love it more in summer when you step out and the sky is still light. It was a hot day today. To step out into some fresh air was pretty special.  I listened to Metro Area and walked to Oxford Street for the bus.

When buses are packed and stuffy, I disappear in to my books. Commuting is good because it gives you time to read. When i am not commuting, I take months to finish reading a book. But commuting when it’s busy gives you a chance to disappear into the pages of your books.

I love sitting on the left-hand side of the bus. I always sit upstairs on double-decker buses. The best spot is the front left-hand seat. This is the prime seat for seeing things. The massive windows provide the best views. I love that it’s a completely different perspective for being so high up. Being just a little over the standard rate for petite, I am not used to seeing things from up there. But I like being that high. I have always like looking out, looking down and just thinking, wow.

So really, for 90p, being on a bus and going over one of the many bridges in London is one of the best things this city offers.