You’re A Mug! A Moustachioed One!


My love for moustaches is well-known. Guy sent me this link. Peter Bruegger‘s mugs come with a different moustache on each side. At £11.95 a pop for this wonderful piece of disguise it is guaranteed to brighten up mornings.

I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them!


InstaParty Dinnerware



Today Guy sent me a link to a Handful of Plates. They sit on the palm of your hand in ergonomic equilibrium and look like paper plates. You know those paper plates that you bought when you had a party, usually found on a buffet table. This brings back  memories of children’s birthday parties and open houses in Malaysia. These plates designed by AMT who are also responsible for the neon diamond rings made me think of the crushed cups by Rob Brandt.


This cheeky design is available in all good design shops and would work very well with the plates for an instaparty vibe. Just add water.



The moustache has been a big source of amusement and entertainment for me. It all started with Dali and his moustache. From the day when Tyler and I went around the supermarket  with fake moustaches looking for treacle to make gingerbreadmen to the night at The Egg where I danced quite seriously with a moustache above my lip.


And so the obsession continued, one work Christmas do we were given fake moustaches to wear over lunch, much to everyone’s delight.  Although I would have been equally happy with the moustache pencils.


One of Guy‘s first presents to me was a serious fat man’s tache which I hang by my door like it’s for sale. And then came the Moustache Envy badges Sarah bought for me. This year for my birthday, my lovely friends found a moustache ring for me from Tatty Devine.  It’s a beautiful ring and great for instant fancydress occasions.


I am delighted to see the number of moustache products out there. Clearly, moustaches make people happy. Here’s a blog with many a hairy post and if you wanted to go out dancing in London, there’s the Moustache Bar in Dalston or in Paris, here’s a club for moustachioed boys and girls.


This doodle needs colour!

Not long ago I wrote a post about interactive wallpaper that I’d spotted. I was delighted today to read about Jon Burgerman‘s colouring-in wallpaper that is available to buy from nineteenseventythree


My first introduction to Jon Burgerman came from guyfriend who has long been a fan of this doodlist. My presents last Christmas were wrapped in the intricate illustrations of Bugerman, and one of the presents included some wonderful Jon Burgerman character stickers. 

I am pleased to see that more colouring-in wallpaper are being developed and the amazing characters of Jon Burgerman can be brought alive in a fun and interactive way. 

Get your colouring pens out and personalise some art!