The Good Mood!


When Booooooom! featured Bosque and it caught my eye and found a place in my heart. Much of their work is playful but with very simple philosophies.  The Good Mood! is probably easily attainable if people believed in Fun For Ever.

bosque_05One of the biggest pleasures for me is listening to music. My ipod has been on death’s dock for a wee while now but I have a replacement and today when I walked to work and had a full journey of music, I realised how much I missed having this. I also realised that due to my short attention span the only time I truly listened was when I was walking.

So with music back in my life, I have been busy discovering the new and also the old.

Tonight, I will go to bed enveloped by the sweet sounds of Vera’s Take Me To The Bridge. Tomorrow I will wake up to a buen dia, por su puesto.



I spy with my eye and feel with my heart

When you walk with a certain type of music in your ears, you can feel your life slowing down. It is the track that is playing and you, walking or sitting and catching sight of the little things around you. When I have Cat Power on, I always think that it is the perfect cushioning to the daily (mundane) activities like walking to work, catching the bus or buying groceries.  You can be doing these things and feel completely detached from the situation because it is just you, your thoughts and the soundtrack to everything.

In these moments you spot little things. Like that robin that was perched on the wall facing you for a second and a half before spreading its wings and flying away. Or the space invader graffiti that is on the pavement, half hidden by some overgrown weeds. Or the movement you catch in the corner of your eye and when you turn it’s the old man you see every day walking. He wears a hat and a smile in his eyes. He says “Good morning” to you but you have never known what his voice sounds like because you have your headphones on and can only hear the music.

She Likes To Feel Leaves and Tap Bins

I was walking closely behind this woman this morning. I didn’t mean to but such were the pace we were walking that it appeared like I was shadowing her. So I observed her and made some mental notes.

She had long greying hair that suggested she was perhaps in her 50s. She wore a white linen skirt printed with red roses. She walked, slightly hunched, looking down. There was something about her that made me notice her.

I saw her right hand reach out, fingers spread out. They were reaching for the plants from the garden of that house. She touched the leaves as she walked past. I knew and I recognised it. She was a tactile person.

She wore a pair of wayfarers. She walked past some bins. Being tactile, she tapped ’em. Strangely, it was in time to my music.

Satisfied, I crossed the road.

Hanami in Northern Maine Junction

On my walk into work every morning, I pass a tree that reminds me that spring is here. Even if it snowed a couple of weekends ago. This particular tree has been in full blossom, its branches heavy with sakura. I sometimes stand under the blossoms and have a little hanami.

In full blossom

Today, with my headphones on, listening to Northern Maine Junction by Chessie, I pause and have a moment where I feel unadulterated bliss. And I stand still allowing the cherry blossoms to slowly fall off the branches…with a certain grace that only comes with the beautiful.