Ai Ai!


I love, love Rachel Ortas‘ cute little illustrations of her outer space characters Ai Ai. (Funnily enough, in Mandarin Ai means love). The wonderful Clapham Books has a really nice window display of Okido magazine and Ai Ai monsters at the moment.

The Ai Ai remind me a little of Yoshitomo Nara‘s work where the characters are seemingly cute and innocent but have a darker side to them. The key elements to making successful characters for children and adult.

This is confirmed by previous exhibitions that were held in my favourite stores like Tatty Devine and Magma.


Fallen in love with Desire


I love having a rummage for new earfood. Through recent conversations about Chromatics and Glass Candy, I discovered Johnny Jewel’s new project via Gudren Wolf, Desire.

On my playlist on a loop, possibly all day today is Desire. I have fallen in love with Desire and invite you to do the same. Tracks are available here.

InstaParty Dinnerware



Today Guy sent me a link to a Handful of Plates. They sit on the palm of your hand in ergonomic equilibrium and look like paper plates. You know those paper plates that you bought when you had a party, usually found on a buffet table. This brings back  memories of children’s birthday parties and open houses in Malaysia. These plates designed by AMT who are also responsible for the neon diamond rings made me think of the crushed cups by Rob Brandt.


This cheeky design is available in all good design shops and would work very well with the plates for an instaparty vibe. Just add water.

Air in Choco

This Easter, instead of eating chocolate eggs, I bought Air in Choco in Arigato on Brewer Street. This fish-shaped chocolate wafer confectionery got me really excited! There is something very thrilling about food in the shape of other food or animals. It is the playfulness and the obvious trick that make me love food in disguise.


When I opened this later, I was so happy to find that not only is Air in Choco food in disguise, the fish is of a take-me- seriously size. I bought this thinking there might be some tiny fish in the packet. What I found was one solo fish sitting on a paper tray, looking like it was tired of waiting around for something to happen.


And immediately I understood why such a fish would look impatient waiting around in a packet. Ladies and gentlemen, remember, this is no ordinary fish, no ordinary chocolate wafer.  It is Air in Choco for a reason…have a look inside.


There it is. As promised, all that air in choco.

Bright Like Neon Love

My love for neon comes and goes. No, what I want to say is my love for neon washes over me like a big wave and it simmers down. And then it comes back again.


My love for neon has been reignited by a recent trip to Primark and finding this neon plimsolls. Perhaps it was the recent post about jelly that reminded me of the joy in seeing neon colours on things.

Designers have dabbled with neon here and there. Influenced and inspired by highlighter pens there has been plenty of bright offerings over the seasons, usually around Spring/Summer seasons.  One of my favourite rings is a neon pink acrylic diamond by AMT.



I love Paul Smith‘s summer scarf offering in highlighter green, pink and yellow available from My Wardrobe. New York Magazine raved about  Michael Kors neon outfit on the runway but what caught my eye were the shoes. That neon toecap is very nice.


My favourite neon item is a folded purse from Orla Kiely which is completely sold out from a few seasons ago. I managed to get hold of the flat purse in the sample sale but will not rest until I find the oversized patent yellow leather folded purse with a kisslock coin section. Marc Jacobs seems to introduce neon bags on and off again.

31151_cu_lSusie Bubble had a few months ago experimented with some neon pompom balls under a sheer dress. It looks amazing and a nice way to introduce some fluoro to jazz up (or should I say electro-fy) an outfit.


The choices are endless with neon. Whether you want a full on neon outfit (I have in my wardrobe an excellent neon yellow Hoss tank top and an asymmetrical neon pink top) or you just wanted to inject a little fluoro-power (accessories are great), there’s something out there. I quite like simple black dresses brightened up with neon tights.

And when you’re walking about have a listen to Cut Copy’s Bright Like Neon Love.