Splish Splosh!

I adore these minimen jewellery that Frédérique Conte has created. I stumbled upon these when I clicked on a link to Howkapow, a wonderful online design shop which sells many other lovely things including Lucy’s  graphic scarves (which is how I came upon this gem).  Seeing as summer is on the horizon and I am feeling it particularly more as I’m away in Kuala Lumpur where temperatures are well above 30° C, I have found the swimmers collection rather refreshing and the humour in these designs uplifting (check Nikki about to go skinny dipping!).  I tried to find more information on the designer all I could find out is the little write up on the Howkapow website.  Shops like Tombée du Camion do sell minimen like these. Guy and I are off to Langkawi soon and I cannot wait to be splish sploshing soon!


Deep Geometric Gems

This weekend I fell in love with Glass Candy’s new single and also with Lorena’s embroidered wonders. Unfortunately for me, Glass Candy’s only gig in London is while I’m away and Lorena is moving so her shop is closed for a week.

I’ve always loved geometrical shapes. These hand embroidered designs in various guises of pyramids, cubes, triangles, oblongs in the prettiest colours make such beautiful pieces. I cannot wait for Spinthread to open up again so I can get at least one of these masterpieces around my neck. I am thinking it’ll be one of the bigger, conversational pieces like the cubic bib above.

Backed with dainty lace and hand embroidered, I will probably find it difficult to resist playing with the geometric shapes knowing that I’ll enjoy running my fingers across these shapes.

Wear The Wild Ones Are

I’ve been hunting down some jewellery and would like to get my claws on these ones.

Zoe & Morgan‘s Who Loves Wins, AW09 collection is filled with spiders, lions and foxes for the brave-hearted.

Following the success of Tatty Devine’s Tiger necklace, a limited edition for winter has been launched. The White Tiger is the wildcat for me.

Who’s Next has just announced their Young Designers Winners list. The winners will have a chance to show in January, for free. On this list is Lena Klax. Her colourful polar bear necklaces come with detachable paw bracelets. I like the coral coloured one best. I am looking forward to seeing the pieces at the next Who’s Next.

Wide Eyed


I discovered this amazing website yesterday, a real treasure trove, full of delights especially so if you have to buy a present for a baby. Bianca and Family also restore furniture. Look at the beautiful school desks that were featured on Apartment Therapy.

The magnets above reminded me of a few things which I’ve seen that are as kitsch and I love. I went to Saigon earlier this year and spotted the selection of toys below.


Last week I went to see Walking In My Mind and was delighted to look into Yoshitomo Nara‘s student shack and his display of toys and dolls.

What I really want to get is these earrings from Les Nereides‘s diffusion line, N2 which are also available as a brooch and cute hair grips.

OBL402-UNICOLOR-1But if wearing kitsch is not for you, there is always decoration. This wallpaper from Nono fits the bill.


Or buy this beautiful tree designed by Millicent & Frank. Although I think it’s the little deers that complete the look.


I felt hearts and monsters

felt hearts

What started as a lazy Sunday afternoon project to help Guy with a pitch, turned on a switch in me and from the little felt heart pins above, I decided to try out something else. I already had the stuffing, all I needed was a sit down with a needle and some thread.

I was going to make a monkey but as I was making it, it became a little monster holding a felt heart. A friendly monster. A love monster.

Mr Monstilove



I’ve been meaning to blog about these crayon rings for awhile now.  I found some time today to do so. They are designed by Timothy Liles a Boston based designer whose day job is with Converse.

crayonring01These rings are cast in washable crayon and are sold as a set of 8 and available to buy onThe Future Perfect. Great for the sudden creativity attack and for making like a kid again and drawing on some walls.

Fold Here


Origami is mathematical magic. With a few precise and determined folds, paper can be turned into boxes, animals, flowers and anything else you can think of.  One of the appeals of origami is of course the pretty paper that look like they could be swatches for beautiful kimono fabric. But for today I would like to throw some shapes your way.

I’ve dabbled and mostly failed in origami. The only thing I managed to learn was how to fold a crane. It still didn’t stop me from thinking about where we can go with origami. Fashion designers have used origami pleats and folds to create interesting lines and give detail to their creations.


I’ve picked out ones I like best, including a Roland Mouret top that is on sale on net-a-porter and a John Galliano gown with origami cranes. On the other end of the spectrum, Gareth Pugh’s AW08/09 collection goes beyond origami cranes to create his designs that have been nicknamed scarigami.


And if you rather have some origami jewellery, Parisians Claire Naa and Arnaud Saulignac have designed some amazing pieces. My favourite is perhaps the gold rhinoceros pendant below.